Level :D

A few days ago, I went to Carter Road with a group of friends and we decided to sit at the CCD, because of its location.

While sitting there we had conversations on many random topics and after sometime we started discussing about – “Mera kinna ku Level hai Kudiyan de maamle che (What is/was our behaviour while talking to girls)?” And then everyone came up with their personal experiences, out of which, many were interesting, which I would like to share and a few were the kinds which I couldn’t share here😛

One of us, who was nicked named as “Sup” (Snake in Punjabi), told us his story. He never had a conversation with any girl until he came to college. After coming to college, someone told him that we can talk to random girls on Yahoo messenger, so he created an account on it and started a conversation with some girl. He said, “Hi” and the girl replied, “Hi Sup?” After reading her reply, he got shocked and started calling everyone to his room to ask how come that random girl knows his name?😉

Then came my turn, so I told them my story. Before coming to PEC, I was oblivious of what internet was, therefore I had no Orkut/Facebook/Gmail accounts and I didn’t even know that people chat on internet. After coming to college, I saw people would spend many hours on their laptop, doing something on the web but I still had no interest and I would rather spend my time playing Cricket or Table Tennis.

I used to hear a lot about Orkut, how people were crazy about adding friends and increasing their scraps. Many frineds would ask me, “You are not on Orkut?” But one day I met R***, my friend, the craziest of all. He was so obsessed with increasing his friends on Orkut that he created my Gmail ID (That is the only ID I use till date) and my Orkut account and then added me as his friend and said, “Ik-do scraps karde menu”😀

Then I started using Orkut. And after a few days, one girl sent me a scrap on Orkut, which had increased my heart beat😛 and it was one of the happiest moments of my life ki aj pehli baar bandi ne khud mujhe scrap kiya 😛. After exchanging a few scraps, I cracked a joke and the girl replied with “Lol.” I didn’t know what it means and I thought she might have found my joke cheap, so she called be Lul (Somehow I read it like that). I immediately switched off my laptop and went to sleep.😀

Then there were other occasions when while ending a conversation a girl would say, “Gn Sd Tc Cya.” Out of all these I could only guess the meaning of “Gn” so I would quickly say bye and go offline. I was so dumb that I didn’t know there was a search engine named Google😛

No Fuel in the tank!?

I bought a second hand bike, in the month on January 2013, which is not very good look wise but gives a very good ride.

During this monsoons, some rain water went into its fuel tank which would neither burn with fuel nor would run the bike. Moreover, I would never know how much fuel is there in the tank as it was partially filed with water.

I decided to keep some fuel (150 ml :P) in my flat and wait till the last drop of fuel was consumed and only water remained in the tank. So that, I could empty the tank and fill it with pure petrol which would improve its mileage and its fuel meter will give correct reading.

Yesterday, my bike stopped due to deficiency of fuel and I took it to a mechanic. The mechanic cleaned the tank and filled it with pure 150 ml petrol. I came back home and forgot to fill some more petrol.

Today, as there was less fuel in the bike so I hired a rick to go to office. Anyways, I came back from office on my number 11 bus and thought I would get the fuel after dinner.

At 9 ‘O’ clock, after dinner, I left home with an empty bottle of 1 litre capacity. The guard of my society looked at me and then at the bottle and then again at me and said, “Bhaiya Mumbai me koi ni deta bottle mein petrol, apko gaadi leke jaani padegi.” I got worried and started thinking of what to do. Guard said, “Ap kahein toh main bharwa kar la dun apki bike mein petrol, kal subah?” Phir main mann hi mann muskuraya thinking that the guard said that only because he wanted to make some money out of it. I told him that I would manage.

When I left home, I thought of going to petrol pump by a rick and get the fuel in the bottle but now after having that conversation, I thought I should rather take the bike along. I knew it won’t reach the petrol pump but I thought I will ride it to whatever place I can and would then pull it along.

Because I never thought of going by bike, I was not carrying a helmet. I started my bike and went towards the petrol pump. When I reached near Powai Plaza, I saw a lot of police men deployed there and I could sense some kind of chaos.

I got worried they might Challan me as I was not carrying a helmet. So, I parked the bike close of Pizza hut which is right in front of Powai Plaza. I took the bottle out and started walking towards the petrol pump. I saw the police was asking people to go away from that area but I didn’t pay any heed and went to the petrol pump. I purchased petrol for Rs.70 (The maximum the bottle could hold and not fill up to the brim) and started walking towards the bike.

I saw people running towards me. I thought they might have done something wrong and were running away from police. I kept walking towards my bike. Suddenly one guy held me and asked, “Where are you going?”

It was then I realized there was something wrong. Instead of replying to him I asked, “What’s wrong with this place? Why are so many police men deployed here?”

He told me, “There is a bomb in Powai Plaza building”

I said, “What!!!? I have just parked my bike there.”

He said, “Go back! The police won’t allow you to go there.”

I said, “But my bike is parked near Pizza Hut, which is at a good 100 mt distance from Powai Plaza, may be they let me take my bike!?” Maybe i was thinking I would quickly take the bike, before the bomb could explode😛

He didn’t say anything after that and I went to the police man and requested him if I could take my bike as it was parked at some distance from Powai Plaza. Out of frustration, the police man replied, “Ok but be quick and take it from the other side of the road.”

I went to start my bike but it was not starting. Suddenly, I realized that the petrol was still in the bottle which I had held in my hands.

I emptied the bottle into the tank and then found out that there was on way from the other side of the road. The other side of the road was 4 feet high and there was no slope. Now I got really scared and started walking here and there to find a solution. And when I couldn’t think of anything else, I requested a few men, standing by my side and watching the police trace the bomb, to help me lift the bike so that we could place it to the other side of the road. They lifted it and we placed it on the other side and I kept thanking them till the time they went away.

Then I quickly came back home and here I am writing about the incident.

Moments :|

I couldn’t sleep last night as I was busy thinking about a lot of things, people and events that have occurred in my life. I felt good about some and bad about the others which I thought shouldn’t have happened. Anyhow, I won’t be able to talk about all of them but would like to share a few moments when I used be in a free state of mind and “do anything”. And now when I think about those times I could do nothing but laugh!🙂

During an athletic meet in college, I participated in a number of events and got qualified for the finals of 2-3 events, where a medal was assured. But just when I was going for the hurdle race, I met a bunch of friends who were going to play cricket and they asked me to join them. I told them to wait for half an hour as I had to run a race but they declined. So, I ditched the race for a game of [galli]cricket😛 That day, we kept playing till evening and I missed all my events😛

During second counselling of PEC, it was almost certain that I would get a seat in CSE Branch. But the counselling was scheduled on Saturday and I wanted to go home on that weekend. When I was thinking about this, a friend came and asked me if I was attending it and before I could say anything he told me that if I don’t attend he will definitely get into CSE. I packed my bag with dirty clothes and told him that I was going home to get my clothes washed, “seat tu lele”😛

During a surprised test in the class of L.K.G., we were asked to write our name, our Parent’s name etc…And I copied everything from a girl sitting next to me😉 #wo kehte hain na ki nakal ke liye bhi akal chahiye😛

I also remembered the most intimidating moment in my life when I was practicing alone with a cricket bat and my little sister came to frighten me by making a sudden loud noise but before she could do anything-when I was totally unaware of it-I happened to unintentionally hit her with the bat on her face!!!……….. When I saw her, she was holding her face with her mouth closed, I opened her mouth and saw 2 teeth floating in blood!!!

A few days ago, I called her up and said I am sorry I broke your teeth and she was like “tu pagal ho gya kya?, uss baat ko 15 saal ho gye honge!…kya tune sachi ye kehne ke liye phone kiya hai?” I said, “Hmm”. She started laughing and said “ja ni karti maaf, tunne mere daant kharab kiye”😦

Eye Pledge

I have pledged my eyes. When are you pledging yours?

One Eye Donation can make two blind people see. Let’s make Eye Donation a family tradition.🙂

Let’s get clarity on some points related to eye donation:-

  • Eyes have to be removed within six hours after death
  • The pledged eye can be removed at home or any other place where the body is kept after death. Till the authorized person comes to remove the eyes, switch off fans, keep air conditioner or cooler running and place wet cotton with ice over the closed eyelids. It will help keep the tissue moist and increase the viability of the donated cornea.
  • Eye Donation leaves no disfigurement that will interfere with common funeral practices as it has to be  performed within six hours and the entire procedure takes 20-30 minutes only
  • People using spectacles, have had a successful eye surgery, and those diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension can also donate their eyes
  • The relatives of the deceased can decide on donating the eyes of their beloved one
  • Eye Donation services by the government and voluntary sectors are provided free of charge.
  • People who die due to infections, such as rabies, syphilis, infectious hepatitis, septicaemia, and AIDS, cannot donate.

Eye Donation is even less than 1/10th of what is required. You can contact your nearest Eye Collection Centre or Eye Bank (check the list by visiting http://mohfw.nic.in) and they will register your pledge and provide you with an Eye Donation Card. You can also dial a 24-hour toll-free number i.e. 1919 from MTNL for eye donation.

So, Pledge your eyes today and let your family/friends/dependents know about the same.

Mumbaikars :)

Wish you all a very happy and prosperous New Year. Spread Love and Stay Blessed.

I had a lovely New Year eve with friends, did Bhangra for more than 2 hours. I felt elated in welcoming 2012 with so many people, from different parts of India.

And that’s the beauty of Mumbai; wherever you go, you will find people from every religion, every state of our country resided here for work. Sometimes, when I go for a walk in the evening, I overhear almost every vernacular language spoken in our country.

Mumbai, the most populous city in India and fourth most populous city in the world has only 1/3rd of the population from Mumbai, rest of them are migrants from all parts of India.

This huge population, obviously, adds a lot to Mumbai traffic and makes commuting almost impossible during peak hours of traffic. It takes me 20 minutes to reach office [from home] in the morning and 60 minutes to reach home [from office] in the evening.

When I first came to Mumbai I asked someone how far was my hotel but instead of telling that, he inquired, “What time do you want to go?” I thought the person was crazy and I went to ask someone else, he said, “If you go now, it will take you 30 minutes by rick (auto-Rickshaw), but if you go after 30 minutes, it will take you more than 1 hour by rick.” Then, I came to know that the unit of distance is not Km but minutes and transport medium in Mumbai. And that’s what it is like, as it all depends on what time of the day you travel and what transport you take.

People from different regions have come and learned to commute with peace. Every day, while going to office I see people, literate/ illiterate, making queues for taking the bus. None of them talks or says anything to anyone but whoever comes, quietly, stands in the queue and will wait for others to enter into the bus first, unlike Punjab where everyone rushes in to take the seat.😛

It’s been 6 months in Mumbai and I have never seen a street fight. People neither talk nor fight. But while in a public transport, they do take a nap and also get up on time without asking anyone to wake them up😛 All of them are so busy with their own things that they hardly bother for anyone else. They don’t socialise much except when there is some occasion/ festival.

But whenever there is one, whether big or small, Mumbaikars are very passionate about celebrating it. They sing, they dance, and they get together leaving everything else. They celebrate with so much enthusiasm that sometimes, I feel our culture is still alive in this part of India where everyone celebrates together forgetting about their differences. But from the very next day they get back to their professional lives, no one talks and they get busy with their routine stuff. Baaki sab chodo, people don’t even know how many persons stay in a flat next to theirs.

Even at work, they carry the same professional attitude. It doesn’t matter how the other person works, what he does, what is going on in his life, but the only thing that matters to them is work. If you are doing your work well, everyone is cool with everything.

Once, I wasn’t well and decided to work from home. I got so many calls from people related to work and most of them, after knowing I was sick, didn’t even ask how I was doing but were expecting me to complete the work before end of that day. That’s how people are here but neither do they play dirty politics for their own benefits nor are they selfish. They are just concerned with their own things.

Well, there is a lot more I wanted to write about Mumbai and Mumbaikars but I’ll stop here for now. Baaki phir kabhi likhunga🙂

My Souvenir – PEC

Puneet “Baba” Gupta

‘Baba’ji hamari class ke vo prani hain jo hamesha hanste-khelte paye jate hain, dil ke bahut achhe aur sache, ye apni cute muskaan ke liye kafi lokpriya hain. Our very own ‘Benjamin Button’, he’s finally defied age and now looks his age😛 The most popular personality of our class, this ex-CR is a good cricketer too (although never happy with umpire’s decisions😛 ) Those of you who haven’t listened to his legendary bark have sure missed out on something in life😛 A generous and childlike person, he is a true friend. Loves justice and that is what he does to others. He is one person who has evolved over time in college by getting involved in a lot of extra-curricular activities. We wish him all success in life. Keep smiling🙂

Hawaiian Shark

After screwing our life for more than a month, our manager, finally took us to “Hawaiian Shark” for a grand treat on successful completion of our CHEERS (Candidate Hiring and Employee Enrollment Requisition System) project😀 .

Hawaiian Shark is a wonderful place and it was also for the first time I enjoyed clubbing-not only because my boss paid for me😛 but i liked the place as well. It has 3 floors with different music being played on each floor, if you don’t like the music you can easily switch to another floor. And it’s so well designed that you won’t listen to any music other then the one being played on that floor.

CHEERS to my CHEERS Team!!😀 Had a great time with all of you🙂

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Open House

We displayed our Capstone project-Automated Toll Tax Collection Model-in Open House today.

Placed in Nomura!

Finally, with the grace of God, I got placed in Nomura on the very first day of the last semester of my college. Having done nothing in the last 3.5 years, I find myself extremely lucky to get a job offer from such a big company because the way we have been taught in college, our value could have only decreased…hahaha…as Sah sir says, “PEC mein koi teacher technical battein nahin karta hai aur na hi koi bachha technical bannta hai par sab bolna jaroor seekh jaata hai.” Hahahaha😀

To me, getting placed is a big big thing! As this was the only thing I had been thinking of from the beginning of the 4th year. I was so much into this placement thing that I didn’t even bother updating my blog. Anyhow, now I’m totally free to do a lot of vellah panti🙂

Getting a job, even from campus, was not an easy task. I was rejected by 9 out of 11 companies [9/11 :P], I sat in. Once, the recruitment process of the company started at noon and the interviews carried on till 4 in the night and I didn’t even get selected😦. Once, I went there to scrap the interview but the interviewer asked me question like make the truth table of XOR gate and I even said,” Sir, I can make this for an AND gate but I haven’t heard much about the gate you just mentioned” but to my surprise he said,” chalo wo hi batado” and then he selected me in Aricent, that’s when I thought I should have bribed him and asked to reject me…hahaha😛.

There have been times, I felt embarrassed about the small auditorium of our college, when the interviewer asked,”Is this the biggest auditorium you have?” although I wanted to say, “No! this is the only audi we have” but I said,”hmmm…yes, sir.” Once, having got a job offer from Aricent, they mailed and asked us to tell 5 best reasons for you to join Aricent to win exciting goodies, but on the same day in the interview of Nomura, they [Nomura] asked reasons for me to not join Aricent…hahaha…anything can happen!!

Anyways! Now I’m very much excited to go to Mumbai and join Nomura.🙂


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